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JR Dallas Wealth Management our Investors

Investors the JR Dallas Wealth Management boutique private equity investment firm relies on the synergies and experience of its shareholders. More than 30 years of its shareholder’s financial, private, and public equity experience with a proven track record of success is a competitive advantage that this firm enjoys. The success of this film revolves around the concept that we put our money where our mouth is. Management has been created to hold the alternative investment portfolio of high-net-worth shareholders.

JR Dallas Wealth Management executes an investment strategy based on disciplined value investing principles guided by a macro-economic outlook. JR Dallas Wealth Management’s major investors act as a limited partner in the investments undertaken by JR Dallas Wealth Management and maintain a balance sheet free of any long-term debt or liabilities

Since 2008, the company has structured more than 2.5 billion loans and today maintains a servicing portfolio of more than $1.8 billion. For more information about JRDWM, visit the website:

Our Investors

Medmax investor Stripes partners with technology-enabled and branded consumer businesses. Within the technology-enabled space, we like B2B / B2C internet and SaaS companies. Specifically, sectors we focus on include IT business services, digital media, e-commerce, consumer internet, enterprise software, and IT services. Within branded consumers, we are most excited by companies that have distinctive products with strong consumer value propositions

Stripes powers software and consumer companies by investment. It has invested in small or large-sized companies such as Kareo, eMarketer,, Udemy and Upwork. This extensive portfolio makes Stripes stand out among other investor companies. Their robust team is always on the lookout for fantastic investment opportunities. Its power team comprising 68 talented employees raised $7.6 billion AUM worth of money. This is an incredible success from 67 investments for a company of this size. It was all realized due to the vision of its founding members.