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While you focus on patient care, know that Medmax handles your complicated operational and analytical tasks. Our full range of services lets you take a sigh of relief!
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Mental Health Billing Services

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The only medical billing company and mental health billing services provider that allows you to go fully virtual, in-office or anywhere in-between. We’re here to help improve every step of your private practice journey, so you can focus on what matters most.

Mental Health Billing

Everything you need from scheduling to reimbursement

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Appointments Scheduling

We take care of all appointment scheduling needs so that you don't miss out on any patient due to workload

Free Eligibility & Benefits Verification

We verify your eligibility and benefits free of cost mitigating the denied claims ratio

Daily Claims Filing & Management

We speed up your practice by filing and managing claims in your behalf on a daily basis

Faster Payments & Accounting Services

We work diligently to reimburse the physicians and practices on time with efficient accounting services

Patient Statements

We manage patient statements and keep them up-to-date for streamlined medical billing

Follow-up & Appeals

We follow up with the insurance company on a regular basis for faster payouts

Aging A/R Recovery

Our expert team knows how to handle aging A/R so that you can enjoy steady cash flow

Customized Reports

Our team creates customized reports tailored to the unique needs of the practices and physicians for better analysis

Credentialing Services

We provide complete credentialing services so that you avail smooth cash flow without any obstacles

EDI and ERA Form Processing

We process the electronic transmission of data in a standard and secure way for effective communication between stakeholders

EFT Enrollment Processing

We handle the Electronic Funds Transfer for faster and secure payment processing resulting in smooth cash flow

Insurance Contract Verification

We actively verify patients for their insurance coverage and eligibility for the given medical service

Trusted by 100+ Practitioners

Partnered with the biggest names in the industry

Your trusted partner, every step of the way

Experience hassle-free reimbursement without delays

Minimize the busy work

Our all-in-one platform results in reduced your workload

Empower your clients

Your clients get the necessary tools for better healthcare

Run a thriving practice

Our complete suite of services help you scale faster

Who we Serve

We serve multiple specialties all across the USA

Providers & Group Practices

We serve both individual providers and group practices to grow their business and decrease the workload efficiently

Virtual Clinics & Telehealth

Our suite of services includes virtual healthcare facilities and we know ins and outs of the telehealth challenges

Billing Companies & MSOs

We also deal with other stakeholders like MSOs and medical billing companies to help them in outsourcing process

EHRs & Healthcare Technology

Our experts are well-versed in latest healthcare technology and EHR systems for effective medical communication

Common CPT codes for Mental Health Billing

Mental Health Billing Services

What We Deliver​

Our portfolio speaks for itself



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Mental Health Billing

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