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While you focus on patient care, know that Medmax handles your complicated operational and analytical tasks. Our full range of services lets you take a sigh of relief!
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SMAG Technologies

SMAG is our trusted Digital Marketing Project, specializing in healthcare. Their expertise lies in enhancing our online presence, ensuring that our services are easily accessible to healthcare professionals. Through strategic digital marketing campaigns, SMAG helps us effectively reach and engage our target audience, ultimately supporting our mission to provide top-notch medical billing solutions.

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Medmax RCM

Medmax RCM serves as our vital backup website and accounts, ensuring continuity and reliability in our online presence. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances affecting our primary website, Medmax RCM steps in seamlessly, guaranteeing access to our services. This Project partnership bolsters our commitment to providing uninterrupted support to healthcare professionals through dependable medical billing solutions.

Rx Credentialing

Rx Credentialing serves as our indispensable Provider Licensing Partner, streamlining the complex process of healthcare provider credentialing. With their extensive knowledge and experience in credentialing, they expedite the onboarding of healthcare professionals, ensuring that they are fully licensed and qualified to provide their services. This Project partnership reinforces our dedication to delivering trusted and certified medical billing solutions.