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2. Mohsin Amin

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2. Mohsin Amin
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Mohsin is the Co-Founders of Medmax Technologies and has served as its Chief Operations Officer since inception in 2019.

Mohsin Amin is a dynamic leader with a wealth of experience in revenue cycle management and business development. With a strong educational background in Economics & Finance, he has honed his expertise through years of hands-on experience in the healthcare industry. Mohsin Amin is Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA®), and Medical Practice Consultant. He is the visionary leader behind Medmax's success as a top-tier medical billing and revenue cycle management company. With over a decade of experience in strategy, business development, and healthcare revenue cycle management, he brings a unique blend of strategic insight and operational expertise to his role. As the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Medmax Technologies, Mohsin Amin plays a pivotal role in driving the company's growth and success. With a keen focus on operational efficiency and client satisfaction, Mohsin has implemented innovative strategies that have positioned Medmax as a market leader in medical billing and revenue cycle management. Under his leadership, Medmax has achieved many milestones, earning recognition for its commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach. In addition to his role at Medmax, Mohsin Amin is also a partner at SEED GOC, an industrial mineral import-export company. With his expertise in business development and strategic partnerships, Mohsin has played a key role in expanding SEED GOC's market presence and driving growth initiatives. His keen business acumen and dedication to fostering strong relationships have been instrumental in SEED GOC's success. Mohsin Amin's leadership style is characterized by his leadership qualities, such as innovation, collaboration, and integrity. He is known for his abilities and his visionary approach has earned him the respect of colleagues and industry peers alike.

Specialty CO-FOUNDER & COO
Degrees Economics & Finance
Work Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday