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HIPAA-Compliant Hosting Service Providers In 2022

HIPAA violations and breaches cost a hefty amount to healthcare organizations and practices. This is why it is a critical factor over which the healthcare industry is willing to invest its resources. Healthcare organizations keep confidential information of patients like their PHI and proprietary information. A PHI record can sell up-to 1000 USD on the dark web. You can understand why it is an attractive industry for hackers.

Many healthcare practices have moved towards telehealth, which requires various digital apps. Those apps should be HIPAA compliant. But what about the hosting server which is hosting those apps online? Yes, HIPAA-compliant hosting should also be the main concern when deploying telehealth and other online medical apps.

According to HIPAA, patient data should be stored, processed, and transmitted following strict rules and regulations, which minimizes the risk of data breach to zero. Web hosting is a service that uses data online, but it falls under HIPAA compliance.

For HIPAA compliance, a hosting web service should follow certain criteria listed below:

  • Access to authorized people only
  • The recorded activity of hardware and software
  • Policies regarding the storage of PHI
  • Standards for processing data
  • Limited access to transmit data
  • Sufficient plan for disaster recovery

There are some technical considerations as well which will help you select the best web hosting for your organization:

  • Firewall setup
  • SSL certificate to secure your site/app
  • Managed backups (online and offline)
  • Encrypted VPN network
  • Multi-factor authentication for enhanced security
  • Private hosting setup
  • BAA (Business Associate Agreement)
  • Audited by HIPAA
  • Anti-malware software
  • Intrusion detection
  • SOC 2 and SOC 3 standards
  • Private hosting setup
  • Managing event logs

You will also need sufficient data storage, HIPAA-compliant apps, secure block storage, and databases. If you want to get this environment under one roof with feature-rich functionality and robust performance, atlantic.net is the right place to visit.

I have listed a few more important HIPAA-compliant hosting service providers that can save you from the loss of millions of dollars.

  • Liquid Web
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • HIPAA vault
  • Rackspace

HIPAA Compliance Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Does HIPAA-Compliant Hosting Cost?

HIPAA-compliant hosting will cost you around 500 USD or more, depending on the quality of the service. You can also consume a free trial by hosting services such as Atlantic, and they offer a limited free trial for 30 days.

Is The HIPAA-Compliant Hosting Service Costly?

Yes, HIPAA-compliant hosting is expensive compared to regular hosting, but it is worth the money. As extra steps are needed to configure the infrastructure to keep the security of the PHI, it requires more resources and ongoing specialist support.

Is There Any Free HIPAA-Compliant Hosting Plan?

A free HIPAA-compliant hosting plan is unavailable as it requires extra physical and technical measures to ensure HIPAA compliance. However, some hosting providers like Atlantic provide a 30-days free trial.

Who Is Responsible For Cloud-Based Data?

The cloud hosting service provider is responsible for the security of the cloud. But the organization is also responsible for the inside data and needs to implement security measures as they will do in-house. They should take control of the access to the cloud-based data from within the organization.

Can Cloud Storage Be Used For Sensitive Data?

Yes, for sensitive data, dedicated servers should be used as per the recommendations of the hosting service providers. Unlike the shared hosting plans, it enhances security and positively impacts performance.

Can I Use All Of Their Services If I Sign BAA With A Hosting Company?

Yes, you can use all of their services, but for transferring ePHI, you can only use HIPAA-compliant apps.

What Essential Features Should A HIPAA-Compliant Hosting Provider Have?

Some essential features your hosting provider should have are intrusion protection, firewall setup, multi-factor authentication, anti-virus software, server management, and backup.


Choosing a HIPAA-compliant hosting service is crucial for deploying HIPAA-compliant apps and databases. Choosing hosting that can provide you with essential features and affordable rates is the best. You can have a free trial before signing up for a complete HIPAA-compliant hosting package. Remember that using HIPAA-compliant apps and hosting can save you from losing a million dollars. So, invest wisely.

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