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The covid-19 outbreak had a great impact on human behavior and it was noticed in healthcare. The outbreak of the virus was associated with several that impacted human behavior and influenced reactions to certain conditions which humans conduct. In healthcare, there was a significant impact was experienced and it influenced how various processes were run. This led to big changes to ensure effective control of the virus has been attained and the set precautions have been followed. Behavioral change is mainly influenced by the environment and the changes that were experienced by healthcare providers were due to environmental changes that were experienced.

Adopting changes

One of the changes that were experienced in healthcare is protocols that were set to treat patients. The governments had set new regulations that were supposed to be followed to ensure effective control of the virus was attained. These changes had a great impact on healthcare services and many who were affected were the healthcare providers. Adopting the changes affected many people as they were not ready to accept and implement them as it was needed. The pattern they were used to was affected and this caused stress which impacted their behavior. The regulations restricted people from freely offering healthcare services as there were regulations that they needed to meet. This is one of the causes of behavioral change that was experienced in healthcare.


Working in healthcare facilities was linked to chances of contracting the virus. This created anxiety for healthcare providers and it influenced their ability to take part in assigned roles effectively. Fear of contracting the virus had a great impact on the condition of healthcare providers and it influenced various executions they conducted. anxiety has a great impact on human behavior as one automatically responds to changes that may be experienced in a given place. Many healthcare providers were described to have developed anxiety and this impacted how they run various activities they needed to conduct.

Movement limitations

After the virus was detected, limiting the movement of people is one of the approaches that was taken by governments to control the spread of the virus. The limitations had a significant impact on the financial status of many people because people were not in a better position to run executions and make money. This led to high economic changes that affected many healthcare providers. Buying things was hard and this influenced various approaches that were set to deal with hard times that were encountered. Many people were in stress as it was hard to make end meet and this is one of the factors that contribute to behavior change. A study showed that most healthcare providers were encountering stress and this influenced their behavior and attitude toward work.

Stress development

There is a close relationship between stress and human behavior. Stress has a great impact on the way a person thinks, feels, and operates. A person under stress secrets a hormone called cortisol and it leads to the body working in a mechanism that uses the glucose available in the body. The hormone has a great impact on how a person responds to certain conditions by influencing various choices that one takes. During the pandemic, people were exposed to conditions they are not used and this led to a high level of stress experienced many people. Accessing healthcare was a challenge and this led to a big threat that was experienced by healthcare practitioners. The condition led to a change in the behavior of the healthcare providers and also people seeking medication and other factors.


Depression is one of the mental disorders that has been characterized by a great impact on human behavioral change. Depression is caused by being involved to high-stress levels that can impact the ability of one to think well and make appropriate decisions. Due to the conditions that resulted to the outbreak of Covid-19, the rate of depression was stated to have increased in the world. Most of the people were affected by tough conditions that resulted from the outbreak of the virus. Healthcare providers are among the first individuals who were stated to have experienced depression cases due to conditions they were supposed to work. Depression affected their behavior by influencing how they think and act about various responsibilities.

Uncontrolled consumption

Covid-19 had a great impact on the consumption patterns of people whereby people were not able to control what they feed. This led to feeding unimportant information that influenced the ability of people to engage in destructive behaviors that could affect their health. For example, excess consumption of the internet has a great impact on the mental condition of a person and they are likely to develop depression. This state affected many healthcare providers whereby they were not in a better position to control habits that would destroy their mental state. Such practices led to the adoption of unhealthy behaviors.

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