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Medical Billing For Behavior Health Experts

When compared to other disciplines, behavioral health practice managers have unique and complex challenges. Due to the nature of the patient population served and how these patients receive insurance coverage, it’s typically a lot more complicated affair.

According to a report: Quality Improvement in Behavioral Health, “public services are funded through a large number of categorical programs administered by different agencies, creating both duplication and gaps in service, and these programs almost always have different eligibility requirements,” and “funding is fragmented, which leads to fragmented service delivery.”

Another complicating element is that many behavioral health service clients receive medical treatment at primary care facilities rather than specialty programs where they would receive complete care.

Furthermore, those being treated for severely disabling behavioural health problems in the public system often require extra services, such as rehabilitation and support programmes, job training, literacy education, and other types of assistance.

As a result, healthcare providers spend more time and resources coordinating patient care, which could be better spent elsewhere. This is why it is critical for mental health practitioners to seek out streamlined billing solutions that can assist them in streamlining all patient-care processes, including coordination with other service providers.

Tools For Medical Billing For Psychiatry & Behavioral Health:

Providers may make medical billing for mental health easier with the correct tools. Your mental health practice will benefit from moving away from “one size fits all” software built for primary care professionals.

1: Coding For Certain Specialties

Psychiatry and behavioral health medical billing use specialty-specific medical billing codes. Mental health professionals do not use PCP codes and should not be disturbed by them throughout the billing process. Unfortunately, many systems stifle specialists’ billing processes by overloading them with useless data and billing codes that will never be used. Software created specifically for behavioral health billing provides a list of the most often used codes in the sector, eliminating codes that your practice would never use.

2: Tailored Dashboard

Aside from the most often used medical billing codes in your specialty, software created specifically for behavioral health should include a specialty-tailored dashboard. For example, customized reports show how far your practice’s billing efforts have progressed and what has to be improved to increase overall success.

3: Tools For Boosting Claims

A clean claim is the easiest method to get reimbursed. Medical billing for behavioral health encourages more clinicians to accept insurance as payers cover more and more mental health diagnoses for patients. Good medical billing software for behavioral health gives features to keep your claims clean, verify coverage before services are delivered, and help you practice getting paid quickly by payers.

Medical Billing Services Expertise in Behavioral & Mental Health

Our behavioral and mental health billers and coders have received specialized training and can provide data-driven solutions to help you improve your revenue cycle. Our client list spans 50 states and includes various hospitals, physician practices, and medical billing organizations. Our coders follow CMS and AMA criteria and are qualified by the American Academy of Professional Coders in ICD-9/10, CPT, and HCPCS coding (AAPC).

Applying Best Practices For Behavioral & Mental Health Billing

The HIPAA regulations for behavioral and mental health billing and coding are kept up to date by our team. To minimize denials in the long term, we assure prior authorization of the patient’s eligibility and benefits with mental health insurance. Our medical billers and coders are quickly familiar with the ICD codes for behavior and mental health, allowing us to submit error-free claims. The best practices listed below are our recommendations.

It is better to have more information. Our team collects the patient’s information, including alternate phone numbers, addresses, insurance types, and social security numbers. Before phoning an insurance provider, we ensure we have all the necessary information. This cuts down on time it takes to check on claims.

Solutions tailored to a specific niche. Our team’s expertise in dealing with behavioral and mental health billing difficulties will help you avoid unnecessary complexities and delays.

Claim follow-up. Our team monitors submitted claims regularly to discover and address any issues before the time restriction expires.

Codes for CPT and HBAI. We keep up with the annual changes in CPT codes and have a thorough understanding of how HBAI codes are used when billing for mental health treatments to mitigate the impact of a physical health problem.

Our Value

We have a proven track record of assisting behavioral and mental health practices in managing and increasing revenue. Our team works on streamlining your entire revenue cycle process to avoid denials. Medical Billing Wholesalers focuses on your administrative functions while you focus on enhancing patient care. We have assembled a team of experts who are:

  • Most conventional commercial insurance companies, such as UHC, WellPoint, Aetna, Humana BCBS, Anthem, and government payers such as Medicare, have successfully processed medical claims.
  • Working with Medicare is a breeze, and you’ll be well-versed in state-specific Medicaid policies.
  • Strong prior authorization team to ensure precise patient information gathering Experts in cutting costs and assisting you in achieving enhanced clinical and operational efficiency.
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