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Steps To Become A Better Physician Practice Manager

As a certified physician practice manager of a private practice, you never get bored. The days are filled with many responsibilities across a wide range. A certified physician practice manager is a crucial part of a successful private practice, from medical billing and managing the revenue cycle to caring for patients and ordering supplies.

A management practice manager may be known as CEO, business manager, executive director, director, or another title. Overall, the Australian Practice Management Association states that a practice manager should contribute to “excellence in healthcare.” A behavior of constant improvement and lifelong learning is essential.

An excellent practice manager will successfully focus on staff and clients. It will help improve the quality of a workplace for staff and be inspired to create a studio where clients have the best chance of improving their quality of life. A medical office is a dynamic environment where every day brings new challenges and new opportunities to serve. A good Chief of Staff is a leader who will master a broad set of skills and be able to simplify them in a health-focused business.

So how do you become a best practice manager? Here are some six ways to take your leadership to the next level in your practice.

Weekly Meeting with Industry Representatives​

This might shock you, but here’s a key lesson.

Many companies offer solutions to help solve the significant problems that hinder the growth of the best management practices company. There are gaps in the studio’s growth strategy that you may not even be aware of! This is an area where many practice managers miss great ways that are beneficial to patient care and practice growth that are never even considered simply because they are too busy.

Successful certified physician practice managers are constantly evaluating the latest technologies and trends that will help reduce costs, increase revenue, or improve efficiency.

If you don’t keep up to date with new technologies and offers, you miss many opportunities to practice! Here are some tips and trends on how to do this:

Make it a weekly goal to evaluate the best technologies to invest in and adopt, removing those that are costing you money with slight improvement.

Try to create a single 30 minute space on your calendar three or four times in a week together to meet with different industry representatives.

If you find a great product or service opportunity, but the sales rep is driving you crazy, contact their head office and ask someone else to manage your advanced practice management account.

Respect for Physician Practice Manager​

Developing a culture of mutual respect from both and support is essential to having a practice that patients love and identify with others.

Enforce an anti-gossip policy and avoid adding to conversations that promote this behavior. While tempting, nothing undermines staff morale and ruins culture more than a lousy environment. As a studio director, it starts and ends with you!

Find ways to celebrate small winnings, recognize staff, and have fun while you do it. This will not only better your staff morale but also create a welcoming and positive environment for patients.

Do Not Manage From Your Office!​

You frequently leave your desk. It is essential to ensure that the staff and the clinic are functioning correctly. Move around the advanced practice management clinic and observe/interact several times a day.

Finding time for interacting with staff, physicians, and patients is a critical factor in a healthy and thriving practice environment. It is also the only way to observe what is going on and where things can be improved.

If possible, consider having your office in the central area with other staff and dedicating your office exclusively for individual meetings.

Do Not Be Afraid to Get Your Hands Dirty​

practice manager is someone who has a wide range of knowledge about various aspects of a practice.

This is important because clinicians look to a great practice manager to help them manage staff, whether it’s clinical staff, reception, or billing.

If you are understaffed or overloaded with patients that day, you should be able to step in to help. If there are things you aren’t experienced with, like billing or measuring blood pressure, ask your staff to train you so you can take action when needed. They will respect you for it and feel able to help you.

Marketing Is An Ongoing Activity. Don’t Underestimate It!​

Marketing is more important than ever in today’s digital world and fast technology. Everyone is starting online, from patients looking for a new doctor to local doctors looking for new best practices.

As tempting as it may seem, try to get professional help getting started with your website and make sure it’s linked to your social media accounts. Run basic ads with videos showing your practice and team with a link to your website. Get an outside agency to run these low-cost ads and review them weekly to see how they can be improved.

Content is essential, so encourage staff to contribute ideas and even content for Facebook and Instagram. The more visible your clinic’s culture, offerings, and day-to-day operations are, the easier it is for patients to choose their clinic than for others.

Leading By Example​

The office manager is the glue that unites a team and helps to elevate the culture of the office. Demonstrate core values , for example, respect for others, gratitude, hard work, kindness, patience, professional attire, promptness, and your staff will follow.

It is essential to be visible when doing this and find ways to highlight it. Case managers need to get out from behind their desks and drive, whether it’s sharing something well done by a staff member at team meetings or having a “lunch and learn” event.

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