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When Do You Need To Adopt The New EHR?

When to know it's time for a new electronic health record?

Why and When to Replace Your EHR?

With over 50 percent of total physicians actively using EHR systems, is it time to begin thinking about the Time to update HER replacement? A 2013 Black Book poll indicates that 81 percent of providers need to update EHR platforms they discover cumbersome and antiquated. Initial services on this technology have been plagued with bad functions and clunky interfaces. However, current designs add capability and upgraded enhancements like e-Prescription.

The market is full of bright, shiny alternative options. However, the financial funding is costly. The capital cost for the initial system turned high. How do you already know when there are one or greater tremendous reasons to contemplate paying for a replacement? Sometimes, healthcare companies and clinics discover it’s time for a brand new EHR (Electronic Health Record) system.

There are many motives for your current solution that can also not be a great fit. Here are a few signs that assist you in discovering if it’s time for a brand new EHR in your healthcare organization or clinic. Consider the following top 9 signs, which suggest that it’s time to invest in new EHR software.

1. Your EHR Workflow Is Inflexible

EHR workflow is an important issue many providers fail to consider when shopping their initial system. Paper-based workflow turned into flexible. If something felt pressured or out of sequence, the administrator made a quick change, and the staff robotically adjusted.

EHR platforms take more excellent work and adversely impact performance, mainly when the workflow is off. When providers are not happy or dissatisfied with the ability of their EHR System to evolve to the workflow requirements in their clinic, it’s time to search for an EHR replacement whose workflow is flexible and higher applicable to the needs of the medical practice.

2. Your EHR Is Unable To Develop With You

When the practice grows, the current system of EHR might not be able to develop with it. Opening up new locations, taking over professionals, or networking with a companion facility are all goals that enhance the stableness of the medical practice. It is essential to put into effect an EMR system. This can expand because the practice does or to discover a replacement kind that meets the complete challenge in the way.

3. You Are Not Satisfied With Your EHR Vendor

An EHR system is straightforward as good as the vendor that supports it. Poor customer support means the end-users must discover ways to compensate. Physicians Practice calls this a common complaint about providers. EHR is a competitive industry. Instead of continuing to stay with situations that create frustration instead of solutions, discover an EHR vendor that puts the needs of their clients first.

4. Your EHR Does Not Fulfill Stage 2 Meaningful Use Criteria

Going into the second stage of effective use means new requirements that your EHR Software must observe that allow you to qualify for CMS payments and incentives. If the current software program fails to improve the practice to Stage Two of Meaningful Use, discover one that will. (Revenue XL EHR is a Stage 2 Meaningful Use compliant EHR.)

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5. You Keep Recovering New Bills For Hidden Expenses

Some organizations decrease the initial purchase price of the software. However, make up for it by layering hidden expenses, particularly for improvements and every extra feature you can require. Suppose the vendor introduces new fees to keep the system or offers new capabilities mandated by changing laws. It may value you more to keep using that software program than to discover a replacement. It is time to dump your current EHR Vendor and find a replacement EHR.

6. Your EHR Software Is Stagnating

The vendor needs to consistently enhance the system—that way, including sensible features and offering cost practical improvements to improve functionality. If the EHR software stagnates, it is probably vital to update it with a software program package that gives more significant boom potential or makes the life of your staff more accessible and better.

7. Your EHR Does Not Provide The System With Mobile Access

CIO points out that mobility is mostly a sticking point. Physicians use tablet computer systems and smartphones much like the rest of the world. Surveys display that providers need EHR systems that provide mobility options to access patient data on the road. Suppose the vendor fails to develop an EHR software program that leverages the power & convenience of hand-held technology with web-enabled Smartphones or offers programs that fill that void. In that case, a replacement system is an answer. New Call-to-Action.

8. You Face Technical Problems Consistently

Anything from trouble integrating with Health Information Exchanges to lack of ability to shift from ICD-9 to ICD-10, technical setbacks interfere with an easy running office. When every different day brings a brand new technical challenge, discover a replacement option that creates balance instead of chaos

9. Improving Productivity Is A Dream

If the system simply takes over too much of the staff’s time, it creates an inefficient work environment. The motive of an electronic records platform is to enhance productivity, now no longer hinder it. If the software program interferes with treating patients directly, it will only worsen with the brand new health reforms.

A replacement system is a realistic choice. EHR software programs need to enhance the care process, upload data analytics options and enhance patient engagement. If that isn’t what your current system brings to the table, then it’s time to consider replacement options.

Med Max presents Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified EHR Software for small and mid-sized clinics, improving conversation about patient facts, securely storing them, and using the latest technology available. Call Med Max today to schedule a free EMR Demo and try to build a better medical practice.

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